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Silk Route

Over the past decade there has been several trade routes, which played a major role for the rise of international trades round the globe that we see now, are closed and un-used. One such route was known as “Silk Route” which has got tremendous historic reference. The Silk Route is an ancient network of trade connecting Central Asia to the Mediterranean Sea. More than Trade, it was the development of civilization along the exchange of culture in which this route played a very significant role. This 10000 km route indeed was the first information super highway.

The ancient Silk Route or Silk Road which passes through various places of east Sikkim like SilleryGaon, ReshiKhola, Rhenock, Rongli, Aritar, Mankhim, Lingtam, Zuluk, Padamchen, and Gnathang valley is a part of the ancient network of trade routes which connected China to India. The Silk Route in Sikkim is an offshoot of the ancient trade route which came from Lhasa, crossing Chumbi Valley and passing through Nathula to finally reach the port of Tamluk in West Bengal. The first thought which strikes us after hearing the word Silk Route is that it must be a route where silk used to be imported or exported but in reality it was horses, wool and teas that was traded through the Silk Route. Now the Silk Route is an offbeat journey through the little known village of East Sikkim. This less travelled road leads you to most picturesque village tucked far away from the mundane city lie, surrounded by dense temperate forest and overlooking the mind boggling view of Kanchenjunga range. Hiking through the dense and submerging yourself in the beauty of this historic Silk Route can be an experience of a lifetime. Dzuluk a quaint village in the Indo-China border is the starting point of this Old Silk route giving you a chance to interact with the villager who once traded product through Silk Route, hear the tales about this glorious route about how it played an important role in trading culture and products. And end your marvelous journey of Old Silk route in Nathang Valley, also known as Ladakh of eastern India. Each bend on this route is filled with awe-inspiring landscape view.

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